who i am

When I was a kid and was asked the proverbial question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?”, my answer constantly changed, naturally. I wanted to be a teacher, then a veterinarian, then I wanted to own a horse farm and adopt 1M animals.  But in one moment I decidedjust knew, that I was going to be a writer and that was that.


Hey there! I’m Leah Michal Shaw, and I truly believe everything happens for a reason—a huge thank you for visiting my site. I'm an AfroLatina content marketer and brand journalist who loves international travel, drinks good coffee and plays rugby.  I have been reporting, writing and editing since 2014 and my best work happens when I’m helping readers discover the stories behind the brand.

soundbites of my life

·      Born and raised in Rochester, N.Y., as the middle of three girls, I was known as “The Bookworm.”

·      At 8 years old I created, wrote and published my very own newspaper titled, “The Shaw Family Chronicles.”  (There was only one edition, but it was printed in full color so, heyyy)

·      My passion for stories came from my mother. Every summer she signed my sisters and I up for the local library's summer reading club. We’d spend those months exploring our city by foot, and when that became monotonous, we'd pile into our used sedan and drive to museums and conservatories we’d read about in brochures. She decisively exposed us to worlds outside of our own. It was one of her largest gifts.

·      Because when I was 16, my mother lost her third battle with cancer.

·      Walking through the grief of my mother passing, has shown me that there is courage in my vulnerability. Every time I share my story, or someone else’s, my biggest hope is that it reminds others to be strong, by showing them that it’s ok to be weak. True courage can come from the deepest well of pain.

·      In 2013 I earned a B.A. in Journalism, with a print focus.

·      In 2014 I became a freelance writer at D&C Digital (formerly known as the Democrat and Chronicle Newspaper) and covered small business and community news.  I was a regular co-contributor to a weekly column that focused on women who worked with passion. This opportunity was the best thing to happen to my career, as pitching, reporting and writing about inspiring women who defined success on their own terms was invigorating.

·      By 2015 I made it my mission to taste, smell and see countries I had always dreamed of visiting and booked a one-way ticket to Taiwan.  I lived there for one year.


My goal is to bring the same actionable courage that life has blessed me with, to every project I’m involved in.


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